His origin remains a mystery, all we know is that our fearless leader currently resides in the Seattle area. A man, or perhaps just a glorious, and strange apparition. A being that manages to defy space, and time. A mystical minstrel. The troubadour we all adore.
                    Some minds are incapable of digesting his splendor. For oh so many of us are lost inside ourselves. Fixated on past traumas, so much so that we end up re-enacting them into infinity. These convoluted mentalities disrupt their ability to process the eternal benovolence that our fearless leader effortlessly dispenses. This does not discourage him, for he will not relent. He will re-awaken our slumbering spirit, and provide guidance in the overwhelming menagerie of the modern age.  And restore the eternal truths we managed to lose sight of somewhere along the way.
Our foreign, and yet familiar shepherd will escort us all, hand in hand, into the New Dawn as one.  He's 
also a good singer, and his songs are wicked catchy.