Mark Brainard is a Seattle based musician. Whether he is performing solo or with the band, he never disappoints and always leaves the crowd craving more.
                       Armed with strident vocals, biting guitar, and an all or nothing mentality, Brainard sings it like it is. Drawing evident influence from 60s Rock and Folk legends, but contributing generously to the conversation with lyrics that demand to be heard. With topics ranging from a shark attack, to divorce. Mark Brainard is a lyrical contortionist.                
           Many of his songs bear great depth but are incredibly accessible to all because he performs them with such buoyancy. All words and themes are welded firmly to catchy and contagious melodies.                                                                                                                        
           An honest artist, hustling and fighting vehemently to find his footing in an era where egoism reigns supreme, and commercialization plunders through what was once cherished. Mark Brainard is an artist allied with truth as opposed to mere self-indulgence. 
Mark Brainard has something to say, and it’s incredibly refreshing.