1. Met My Mind

From the recording So Redundant EP


Can you smell the residue of the disenchanted, and un-pursued?
Cataclysmic, so intrinsic, someone pass the salt.
Jasper was my name back then
I fought in the war, but I’d never win
Then I saw her face one day, I wish she was still here
Everybody is laughing now, they're slaughtering me like a cow
I start screaming, then I’m pleading, someone pass the salt

Have you ever met my mind? It never does what it’s told.

Novel notions
Things you miss
Subtle clues from the abyss
I don’t know but I’ve been told 
The devils marching on your soul
Dark amends for the fallen one 
Giving birth to another son
Innocence & The Quest for Bliss
Pissing on the monument
Purgatory thats the story 
Only darkness dreams of glory 
Come and rest your weary head
Your soul is famished and un-fed 

I’ve begun to dream in braille 
My memory is now on sale
Ripped apart by the ravaged ones
Another prisoner in the sun
Instincts so deeply ingrained ensure the truth won’t be attained 
Azrael the holy guard ensures we don’t fly too far
Paradox in a neon light
My lovers grip is far too tight
Liberated, yet enslaved
Welcome to the human race

Fuck the facts 
I’ve got a narrative to back Jack
I got a boat that I need to unload
Check out this soul that I got on loan
I love to believe that I’m in control
I’ve got some kids that I need to feed
“The Life & Times of the Infinite Seed”
Come get your food before it gets cold
I only consume what I already know
Monkey see, monkey do
“The Origins of the Primordial Ooze”
Come get your food before it gets cold
Keep trying to buy what can't be sold

Careful what you call me
It will limit what you see
For the thorn of identity 
Restricts your access to true empathy